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Our Story

During a Colorado state convening on suicide prevention in 2012, it became clear that Colorado was in great need of more events to increase awareness, education, and support for suicide prevention.  A group of attendees partnered to host the first Elevating the Conversation Conference in 2013.  Those same individuals continue to serve on the 2019 Committee, marking the 6th annual Elevating the Conversation Conference.

Who We Are

Elevating the Conversation is an annual conference presented by a Colorado-based collaboration created for the purpose of sharing best practices in mental health treatment, suicide prevention, and intervention through resources, training and advocacy.

Why "Elevate the Conversation"?

  • According to the Colorado Health Institute, the annual number of suicides in Colorado has increased by 79% since 2000.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-39.
  • 44,000 people die of suicide each year in the U.S.
    • 1/5 of those 44,000 are Veterans
  • A minimum of 150 people are exposed to every suicide death
    • 25 out of those 150 will have major life disruptions after that suicide death

We elevate the conversation because we must!  When you join the conversation, you help to increase awareness, learn and share best practices, and receive critical skills training in suicide risk assessment, management, and support.  Your voice and your participation is necessary for progress to continue.  Will you help us to #ElevatetheConvo?

2019 Elevating the Conversation Conference Agenda

Helping Suicidal Clients_ A Clinical Toolbox

Schedule Coming Soon!

Meet the 2019 Elevating the Conversation Committee

Sarah Burgamy, Psy.D.

Brook Griese, Ph.D.

Judi's House/

JAG Institute

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Micki Burns, Ph.D.

Judi's House/

JAG Institute

Chief Clinical Officer

Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D.

International Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Impact Entrepreneur

Elevate the Convo

Register now to attend the 2019 Elevating the Conversation Conference on February 15, 2019 at CU Denver Anschutz Medical Campus.